July 11, 2011
Oppa Oppa!!

Oppa Oppa!
(Post photos of Kara and cat photo of me, Invincible youth, screencaps of Coffee prince, guy from My Princess, and video of Gee)
    Last summer when my family was staying with my grandpar, and he switched from my favorite cable provider to another one I kind of expected to be bored with even less channels to watch in my free time. Alas, one lazy sunday I stumbled across the channel KBS (Korean Brodcasting Station?), and the strangest show I’d ever seen was on with these giggly Asian girls. I was about to change the channel but the show had subtitles, and I’m kind of intrigued by anything having to do with Korean, Japanese or Chinese culture.

    I never could’ve forseen how addicted I was going to become to this show, watching it every sunday for new 2 hour episodes at 1pm. The show, Invincible Youth, is about seven girls from different K-Pop groups who are trying to live life in rural Korea, milking cows, home cooking, gardening, and just planting flowers here and there but seriously doing some sweat inducing work with hoes and dirt and harvesting and stuff. But the show is not only educational in it’s eviromental awareness, it’s also very entertaining because I mean seven popstars and some other interesting characters plus the down to earth farmers they encounter!

   I just love this show, and although I can’t watch it now, since my family moved and we don’t have cable (yet), and it’s really hard to find recent or old episodes on online (;_;),  I still find a way to get my Korean pop culture fix.

   Which includes keeping up to date with some of the girl groups from Invincible Youth, my favorites being Kara(above), and SNSD(aka Girl’s Generation). I love their music videos because the music is so up beat and fun, plus the dance moves are so addictive to watch. I can be working and if I decide to watch a video I just can’t take my eyes off it it!

   I’ve also since not being able to watch Invincible Youth, I’ve become addicted to the show Coffee Prince(above), which I highly recommend you check out on Hulu. It’s got drama, a bit of romance, and plenty of Korean comedy and style! I think to get my point across to how much I love this show is that I’ve watched the 17 episode series 5 times. Another Korean show I was watching was My Princess, and although I like it, I can’t say I like it as much as Coffee Prince. It’s a bit more serious, and the main girl character is a little whiny, but it’s a pretty good series and it’s still going as far as I know.
   So if you want something new to watch while your American favorites are on vaca Korean shows are an awesome filler, and I definitely recommend checking out K-Pop it’s music that can put you in a really great mood and possibly cause you to question your dancing skills. And although I recommend Kara and SNSD, there are a lot of k-pop girl groups (often consisting of 4-12 girls!) and boy groups that you might like too.

   And it wasn’t too long before I started looking for (cough cough stumbled across on google) Korean fashion and although I can’t read most of the websites without a translator filter, nor do I have a credit card to buy anything(yet O_O) looking through the very unique fashions of Korea always gives me fresh ideas for my wardrobe and also ideas for outfits I want to put together when I go shopping. Their fashions are very similar to Japanese style in it’s cuteness and elegance, but I find the Koreans to be even more risky with their designs and it gives me so many ideas!!

This dress from asianicandy.com which is actually a store based in California but whatever!

   So, I hope you enjoyed this Korean obsessed post, I’ve been meaning to do it forever because I just felt like I should share this gem of a culture with my peeps! Also I want people to obsess with! And be sure to leave a note if you think I missed something worth mentioning about KPop or just have something to share :) <3 Maya M.

June 28, 2011
Camping (A Guide for Those Who Can’t Stand the Outdoors)


  When it comes to summertime and me, I spend a lot of time inside when I’m not out shooting, selling, sight-seeing or shopping. And although I love my fair share of picnics in the park or delicious grill outs and generally just getting fresh air, three things prevent me from desiring the outside in the summer:

  1. Misquitoes
  2. Misquitoes
  3. Bees

   Sure I love all creatures great, and especially bugs because they’re so fascinating, but I hate when they decide to act all dumb and treat me like I’m a pollenating flower or a bloody steak, I hate getting stung and thus I hate being outside in the summer. So it would make sense that I might not like camping, but strangely enough, I do. It’s pretty much the only reason I ever desired being a girl scout, aside from selling Thin Mints. A buring flame, smores, bonding with your best friends, and connecting to nature! It sounded like so much fun! But how can a person who with the fear of being attacked ravenously by nature, enjoy camping? By having a CampIn’ Party!
   I did this a few years ago with my sisters when I was thirteen, inspired by an American Girl magazine idea, but I definitely suggest inviting a few guys since they’ll probably like the food and scary stories! American Girl’s suggestions were more food and girl centered, so I added some of my own little activities that I thought’d be fun for all! Also I have a tendency to want to include boys in everything since I have three little brothers, but you can just make it a girls thing if you like :)


  Smores, You can either have a parent, unless you’re a priviledged young adult yourself, toast the marshmallows over a gas stove flame with skewers(that have been soaked in cold water for at least an hour), and then put them between a graham cracker with a chocolate bar. Or you can skip the open flames and just eat the ingredients together as they are in your room. Or you can make smore parfaits!
   Smore Parfaits
    Makes enough for 4 greedy people or 8 normal people
     12 oz bag of milk chocolate chips
     32 oz bag of mini marsh mallows
     2 packets of graham crackers
     20 oz container of plain or vanilla yogurt
    1. Crumble up the graham crackers and put them in a bowl. Put each of the rest of your layers into separate serving bowls.
    2. Set out your clear cups or glasses on a tray.
    3. When it’s party time let each of your campers put together their parfait layering the graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows and chocolate chips between layers of the yogurt in the glasses.
   Popcorn, Another fun snack is popcorn, you can buy microwave kind, or you can go au naturale and pop some kernels in a tall stainless steel pot. My family has gone with this option since I was very little, mostly because we don’t have a microwave and it’s less expensive, but either one is great! Just make a lot so you have something to nibble on during the “camping trip”.


     You can’t have a camping trip without some sort of flame (I’m beginning to sound like an arsonist), and since I wouldn’t advocate having a fire pit in your room, although that’d be pretty awesome, I suggest to get that same warm vibe building a fake flame! Just take a bunch of bright flashlights and tepee them. Yeah, it’s that easy, flame on! 
       Nature is probably the coolest thing about camping, and if you’ve ever lived in the county you’re surrounded by it even in your backyard! Deer, bugs, bunnies, ducks, frogs! However this is a camping in party so here are a few clever ways to have some nature without actually being around it. Because nature is pretty much what camping is all about so you’ve gotta squeeze it in somewhere. So here are a few suggestions:

  1.      Turn on PBS, Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet: These stations often have something interesting on about animals, environments and the sort. I love learning about and seeing the beautiful shots of lions, wolves, birds, frogs, bears, and just about any creature(even bugs). Plus you’ll find the commentators hilarious as they turn just about any animal’s activities into thee most intriguing thing ever if the animals don’t do so themselves. So tune in and add a little nature to your night in, you’ll probably learn a lot of interesting and fun facts while your at it.
  2.      Listen to a nature soundtrack, if you don’t have a baby brother who likes to hoot and make screeching sounds 24/7 this is a great alternative, you can find cd’s with the sounds of animals crunching on leaves, hooting, birds tweeting and the like at bookstores and sometimes dollar stores(for some strange reason …) and if that’s a little too much out of your way just skip it, the sounds of nature are annoying anyways (jk, jk).
  3.     Invite some of your cute stuffed animals and place them around your campsite, bears, wolves, raccoons, you know all of the critters you’ll be avoiding tonight ;)   
  4.     Another fun activity to squeeze in some nature is to do some stargazing! It’s a great idea to plan your CampIn Party on a day that there’s a full moon, or when you can see certain constellations or planets. You can get information for these sorts of things on websites like the weather channel or in the newspaper, sometimes it’s even on calenders.

     Build a Tent
   I’ve been building make shift tents since I can remember, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself a tent making connesiuer since I’ve yet to tackle actually taking a tent making kit and assembling it. So alas I don’t have any tips to provide you with in that area, although if you do have a tent and have someone who knows how to assemble it, if you don’t already, set one up. If you’re like me and your family has never been on a camping trip (thank you lord!), and thus you have no tent, you can go with option number two and make a makeshift one, yey!

   Okay you’ll need:

  •    Chairs, heavy books, thin sheets(unless it’s winter and you want to be warm), and broom(s), you may also need thumbtacks.

   You’ll want to set up your campfire and sitting area(pillows, blankets) or arrange your sleeping bags before you build your tent so you can have an idea of how much space you’ll need. Then arrange take your chairs and arrange them in a square making sure their backs are turned inside. Take your sheet and spread it over the chairs, using your heavy books sit them up against the fabric so it stays put, also remember to leave lots of fabric to fall in the center of the chairs for your broom set up. Then arrange your brooms in a square so that they hold up the tent in the center. Or you can skip the brooms and just tack the sheet to the walls, high enough so you and your friends can at least sit up. (Possible camp set up below)

     Scary Campfire Stories


   This part of the camping trip often results in everyone cracking up, since me and my siblings are terrible at telling scary stories and it’s so corny we usually end up making fun of one another and having a cackling session. Although sometimes if we remember to borrow a few scary books from the library we manage to tell some pretty awesome haunting tales. My favorite authors were R.L. Stine when I was little but I eventually grew out of them, but I do suggest books that have collections of short scary stories, they’re usually really good. However, since your inside you can kind of skip the scary stories and just watch a scary movie instead. My favorites are The Mist, The Darkness and The Shining (although for me, The Shining is more of a comedy, but I have a sometimes dark sense of humor). Although if you’re not a fan of scary movies and want a good camping movie The Sasquatch Gang is really fun!
  If you’re good at telling scary stories then go for it!

     So with all of these tips I hope you try to have your own CampIn’ Trip, because it can be really fun! And if you have any further ideas for campin’ trip activities or recipes just leave a note! :) <3 Maya M.

June 25, 2011

Being On The Martha Stewart Show!!  6/25/11

  Although my blog is mostly about ways to make life more fun and interesting all year round, I want to dedicate a post the first of each month to the people who inspire me, this is a make-up post for June 1st. These posts will either be stories of me meeting them(like this one), or a long winded post about why they inspire me. I think it’ll be a great way to also inspire you to be your very best! I also encourage you to submit your stories of encountering the people who inspire you or why someone (living or not) inspires you! (via mariezdailymail@gmail.com)

  Ever since I can remember I’ve loved Martha Stewart, and I’ve been watching her shows since elementary school, and more recently I’ve been able to get her magazine. Just her calm, elegant personality in general has always inspired me. She’s also one of the few women who brought me up on crafting, cooking, and party planning. So last February when my mom was doing her managerial duties of finding ways to promote my crochet goodies and what not, she stumbled across a notice on Martha’s website that they were looking for entrepenuers to be in their audience. To be totally honest, I wasn’t that excited at first because I know that these kinds of tickets go fast and I’ve never in my life imagined myself to be one of the jolly looking audience members I see on tv, much less actually meet Martha Stewart in person! But my mom was thrilled with the idea and really wanted me to go for it (thanks mom!) so I submited my “story” about how I got into crocheting and why I like doing it for a living.
   I didn’t hear anything back for weeks, and actually kind of forgot about it, so when I got an e-mail around early March with a red flag (indicating upmost importance) and titled Martha Stewart April 7th, I almost squealed with excitement before I even opened it. It talked about what time to arrive, to wear cheery, upbeat, casual-dress attire and what ID to bring. So I immediately confirmed that I would be there with my mom and older sister Moyna. During the following weeks we did some spring shopping (did we really need another excuse to go shopping?) and when that anticipated Tuesday rolled around we took the subway to Manhattan. We’d arrived super early, so for breakfast we had Dunkin’ Doughnuts while we waited outside under the MARTHA STEWART banner. Around eight a long, bustling line began to form  and then Martha employees prepared for everyone to enter the studio.

   Once they opened the doors we sat in this large waiting room where they had complimentary water bottles and large tv screens. I especially loved getting to see the behind the scenes of the show, although getting to see Martha Stewart live in person was definitely thee highlight! Also the camera people and assistants and everyone were just so friendly and fun, and it was like being a huge party, with the music,food and gifts. I also soaked in the advice given by the guests and Martha herself about running a successful business. Although it was a little hard to concentrate on what was happening sometimes when the equipment moved in the way of my view to get certain shots. I was also so excited I couldn’t think of any questions to ask when Martha Stewart spoke to the audience and let them ask questions, I didn’t even know she was going to do that!!! But overall going to the show was a really awesome experience and I hope to go again the next time I can get tickets!

March 2, 2011

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March 2, 2011

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March 2, 2011


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March 2, 2011
Oreo Outfit


Once again wearing my favorite sweater and skirt … . and at this point you probably think I have nothing in my closet but black, white and a bit of pink; but actually I just started recording my outfits. It’s just by coincidence that my first two posts have been of me wearing this beret, sweater and skirt. And I wasn’t going to post this outfit in the first place but my brother said it reminded him of Oreos and my mom took some snapshots so I figured why not! Ignore the chipmunk cheeks in the second photo, I was eating my breakfast at first :)  If you’d like to get this look, as simple as it is, here are some examples for shopping!     


Cable Knit Winter Ski Beret Knit Tam Skull Hat Black I found this on Amazon.com for $15, although the identical one I have was $8

Women’s Pointelle-Cable V-Neck Sweaters This is from Old Navy for $25, but the Old Navy sweater I’m wearing has a cable knit stitch and was on sale for $17 

From left to right:Amazon.com Women’s Prince Competition Skirt $45, Forever21 Mesh Bow Skirt $18

The first skirt is more like the one I’m wearing, only the length I wish it was … however I also liked the second skirt and I think the next time I wear this sweater or any other white top I’d love to make them a pair! And to finish the look I had on some black tights, because my legs can not handle the chill, and I didn’t have on any shoes just yet but I think shiny flats would look cute or contrasting white!

March 2, 2011
Just a thought.



I will never be able to understand why people bring up age on tumblr. Why is it such a big deal that a 13 year old has a blog? What does being 13 or 14 have to do with blogging anyway? Anyone can have a blog, no matter how old they are. Tumblr doesn’t have an age limit… In fact, some of the best blogs I follow are run by 13 or 14 year olds. The people who choose to try and create a drama out of this are on tumblr for all the wrong reasons.

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March 2, 2011
Fun blogs vs All About Me blogs

                 I thought this teddy was sooo cute!

I never told anyone who follows me on my fun blog that I have a “photography” blog, because it’s mostly silly, small stuff that I’m doing or discovering. And I would like anyone who does follow this blog to follow if they’re really interested in reading about my day to day life blurbs.

Especially since most of the times I don’t like peoples’ personal blogs as much as I do their fun blogs. And I seriously admire a blog that combines both of the tumblr blog types, like boyonfire(who I absolutely love!). He rants and he posts fun stuff! I’m going to try to do that but I think this blog will mostly have photos I took and such.

I have however re-followed all of my favorite blogs from my other account so when I’m on this account I can still stalk them, yay!!!

March 2, 2011

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